Masonic Lodge Tomalpin No.253

WELCOME to the Masonic Lodge Tomalpin No. 253


Masonic Lodge membership is open to men over the age of 18 from all walks of life. Enjoying fellowship, goodwill, helping others and developing themselves, and meeting with like minded friends on a regular basis.

We welcome all to our masonic lodge, and please contact us for more information or check out our Masonic Lodge facebook page at

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A living tradition of self improvement and service

Through self-improvement, support, leadership development and philanthropy, we help influence lives for the better.

Freemasonry has always welcomed adult men of all ages, colours and cultures as equals in our organisation.

Despite many misapprehensions, we are not a religion, a cult or a conspiracy. Nor do we have any sinister motives or practices.

Our values are non-denominational, ethical and based on deep respect for every human being.

Freemasonry has always stood for fairness, tolerance, non-discrimination, inclusiveness, self-improvement, giving to others and supporting the less fortunate in society.

Freemasons act in a way that is honest, ethical, law-abiding and sets a good example.

Although our traditions and symbols date back centuries, the values they represent are timeless ones that transcend religious or political differences. We believe they are as relevant today as they have ever been.

We are not a religion and we encourage members to follow their own diverse faiths. In fact, discussing religion and politics is forbidden in Lodges. Long ago Freemasons realised that these topics are the source of some of the greatest divisions and disharmony between men and so we focus on areas of harmony rather than disagreement.

Today, we are active mentoring men and working to lead and support community initiatives that change lives for the better.

Much of the secrecy of former times has gone and you’ll find Freemasons are just ordinary men willing to speak about their values and ready to lend a helping hand. For more information contact us now!